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Re-design, re-model, re-love your old engagement ring

By tracy sweeney

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A ring has an inherent sentimental value; a piece with a legacy to wear into the future. But what if your old ring is a little outdated, the metal scratched or the setting crooked? It ends up sitting in a jewellery box, sad, lonely & unworn. Boo!

Don’t leave it in the box; it deserves a new lease of life & we love projects like these!

Here is the process for all you first timers out there:

Bring the ring to us & we will sketch up some new designs that suit your personality & your hand. We want the ring to fit well so you can happily wear it every day. We will discuss a budget with you that suits, no obligation.  After the consultation, we remove the stones & melt down the gold to re-form a new band, with new settings for your diamonds. If you fancy adding some more diamonds these too can be included. The ring is then polished to a high finish with a whole new lease of life.

So put new meaning into your past; don’t leave old rings lying abandoned. Design the ring of your dreams, you already have the raw materials!




2 Thoughts to Re-design, re-model, re-love your old engagement ring

  1. Ann from Carus Jewellery Reply February 10, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Hi Nigel, love website. It`s so nice to see jewellery being restored or remodeled 🙂

    • niore@ad Reply April 4, 2017 at 9:16 pm

      Thanks Ann, appreciate it!


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