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Making a perfect matching wedding band

By tracy sweeney

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Summer has landed and she is a beauty. The warm days are allowing our ‘brides & grooms-to-be’ a chance to get out there & tackle plans & preparations for the upcoming big day! A bit stressful, but it needn’t be, especially when it comes to buying a matching wedding band!

Here in the goldsmithing studio, we are working on some matching wedding bands for various clients. We handmake your band to sit perfectly alongside your engagement ring, no matter how complex the design. What excites us is that anything is possible, why not make a statement wedding band with garnets, sapphires or pink diamonds? A piece like this only highlights the centre diamond in your engagement ring. A real ‘WOW’ piece.

Because we make & set our own diamonds, we can work in styles not usually seen too often in the high street jewellers. This set of rings is set with a ‘fishtail’ setting, we incise minute ‘v’ shapes under every diamond to allow more sparkle & light; a cutting edge technique.

For brides to note, if you plan to wear your wedding band with your engagement ring (hmm obviously!) they both need to be made of the same metal so they can wear at the same pace. Gold is softer than platinum; if you put them next to each other the platinum ring will eventually eat into the gold one! So match your metals & avoid the hassle in later years.

Heres an interesting one, for those hoarders of old jewellery out there. By using your own metal you get to keep the value of your gold and turn it into something precious at a fraction of the retail cost of a new piece. And we love working with old jewellery so feel free to get in touch & discuss your plans with us.

One less thing on the list now, eh!

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