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Pearl & Garnet Lily Ring

By tracy sweeney

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There have been a few colour combinations I have wanted to try with my jewellery in recent years.  Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are wonderful, but since we make a lot of wedding jewellery here in the design studio, I am constantly looking at white sparkles! Fabulous & all as diamonds are, even I get a niggling voice in the back of my head, bouncing colours around, “purples with pinks, greens with yellows, go on, give it a try”…….So here I am. About to do a little immersion in the world of coloured gemstones? Yes, yes and yes.

So here is a lily inspired dress ring; a real statement piece. Rose gold, curved to fit an iridescent Tahitian freshwater pearl, inlaid with pavéd tsavorite green garnets…The green reflects on grey, the grey reflects on gold. The niggling voice is quiet, for a little while. Until tomorrow, as they say

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