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Mens Wedding Bands: The last hurrah lads!

By tracy sweeney

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No longer the gold wedding band of old….

We see many couples coming to us to choose their wedding bands & sometimes it is more difficult to choose the men’s wedding band than the brides’.

For many men this symbolic ring can be the first (and only) piece of jewellery they will wear. From past experience we are sometimes told:  ‘I’ll only wear it on the wedding day’  or ‘I’ll never wear it while I’m working.’  With this in mind we decided to make the kind of ring that men want to wear, not the yellow band of bygone years (nice though they were)! We hand-make wedding bands that can’t be found in the high street jewellers. Ones that stay on a mans’ hand comfortably, even if he works in construction! The options are endless guys so here are some thinking points:

Your choice of metals: 18ct yellow, white, or rose gold, titanium, platinum or palladium

Whilst 18ct white gold is a cool bright colour, our rose & yellow gold mens’ wedding bands look fabulously warm against the Irish skin. Titanium is a grey colour, very lightweight & platinum & palladium have a darker, steely tone. Palladium is one worth considering economically with a lower price point than the other metals. Or how about a mix of metals like Nigels’ palladium & rose gold band?

Your choice of profile:

The profile of the ring i.e. the outside of the ring, can be curved & soft on the eye or straight if you want a more structured & architectural look.

But we say one thing here in the studio, ‘comfort fit, all the way’. Comfort fit means that the inside of the band is shaped for a better fit, allowing the ring to be pushed comfortably over the knuckle & worn forever. If you notice, our fingers are not perfectly round, more square shaped at the joints, so why not make the ring cushion shaped to allow for that?

cushion shaped rose white gold mens wedding band matte finish comfort fit dublin galway


Your choice of finish:

A high polish is shiny and reflective & a matte finish is soft & will not reflect the light that much, an understated look. A hammered surface gives a raw natural look to the metal. There are many variations on the finish, i.e. a highly polished inner side & matte outer side, or a mix of metals; a white gold outer ring with rose gold on the inside.

Your choice of detail:

An engraving, diamonds on the inside, carvings, fine lines……the possibilities are endless. Here is a unique idea for a wedding band for Andrew a recent groom-to-be. He came to us looking for a band with carved ogham text translating as “Love, Loyalty, Friendship”, so we made the ring in 18ct white gold, with engraved detail. Really nice!

white gold cushion shaped mens wedding band ogham dublin galway ireland

So feel free to give us a call & have a chat, no obligation, to discuss your ideas with us. Don’t choose a ring from a jewellers thinking that’s all the possibilities out there with mens’ wedding bands. Here at Nigel O’Reilly Goldsmiths, we can do anything! And we like to!


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