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Our photo shoot, London (again), meeting Chris O’Dowd (and finally getting out of the studio!)

By tracy sweeney

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As a small company we can suffer from cabin fever at times & a crazy need for a not so usual lunch… when duty calls we love to pack for Dublin or London’s Hatton garden. YES its work related, BUT, it always provides us with fresh inspiration.   Just having tea with a notable Notting Hill goldsmith is ‘fix’ enough to blow the cobwebs away & to remind ourselves that we love our work & its crazy-ness. Besides, the cafe Daylesford’s down the road sells homemade organic cider, and you can’t pass up on that! And then, off to Hatton garden, to see the gritty side of the industry. Guys if you are looking for an engagement ring, Hatton Garden is NOT the place to go. From a goldsmiths perspective, you will NOT go home with what you went looking for. Theres a lot of traders just looking for a quick sale, so do your homework peeps! There are some good guys down there however, we won’t rule them all out!

This past month has seen us in Dublin on a sumptuous photo shoot with the great folks in Confetti magazine! We happened to share a shoot with other notable jewellers & some mouth-watering cake-makers creations. It’s refreshing to see so many Irish businesses & what new developments they make. A talented bunch at Confetti with a great eye for design, layout & style. Read our article here.

But, the pièce de résistance; I am comedy buff. I will watch Jim Jeffries on Netflix on repeat and annoy people with my renditions. But no comedy has shaped my rural meandering comic brain until Moonboy came along. Aw, Chris O’Dowd. And so as I eat my Wagamama in Gatwick, who do I see? And no-body annoying his immeasurable talent. I cannot ‘not’ say hello. He’s from ‘the whest’, right? And he doesn’t disappoint. No I don’t want a selfie. I wouldn’t annoy Chris like that. I’m a classy fan. So instead we discuss ‘Mayo Football’ and the terrible tragedy it is. Great man, the kind of man you want to have a pint with. I come away, a bit star-struck. And kicking myself for not asking him if Dawn O’Porter wants some jewellery…aw well. I’ll be back again next month. Gatwick. The place where dreams become reality. And the only place I can find the identical soft teddy comforter that my 2 year old has eaten & needs replacing.

The life of a goldsmith eh?

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  1. Vicky Sweeney Reply October 25, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Great post Nigel xx


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