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By tracy sweeney

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The ‘Fashion-forward’ has found us!

Our ramblings on #Instagram lead us up some avenues, always perusing the latest fashion & seeing whats to come. We were not prepared when fashion found us, rather than the other way around! We had been constantly told about the likes of @retroflame, @sosueme, @lcscloset et al. But little did we know how LOCAL these international fashion and lifestyle writers can actually be!

Lorna Ruane. The name behind the #Instagram hit @LCscloset is as it turns out, a neighbour! Whilst Lorna may currently stroll the streets of New York City, she is originally from ‘the other part of the town-land’; just a stones throw from our jewellery design studios in Mayo. Lorna is a savvy 20-something; an eloquent, elegant and stylish lady, with a qualification in the fashion world and a damn nice client on top of that!

For some time, Lorna wanted to invest in ‘a lifetime piece of jewellery’ (her words), preferably a bespoke ring. Lorna’s birthday was looming & she decided it was now or never.   A mutual friend put her in touch with us and many chats ensued. For us, we wanted to get to know her, what styles did she like, what colour gemstones? Yellow or white gold? The conversation grew. We talked through ideas. We wanted to make a ring that was to be worn everyday, grabbing peoples attention everywhere Lorna went. A signature piece. Lorna loves pink (check out her famous pink roses!) so we wanted to incorporate that colour into the overall design.

I guess because we work so closely with our clients, we end up getting to know them, through & through. The relationship becomes really important to us. Their experience becomes part of the overall design. It’s an interesting way of working which we thrive on. And to bring a piece of jewellery right through from design, to sparkling reality is awe-inspiring even for us. It must be 100% perfect & exquisite every time.

Excitingly for us, Lorna received her ring in February and decided to highlight our craftsmanship in her March features section. What a lovely ARTICLE! As this coincided with St. Patricks Day, we were also featured as part of the 2017 #WearingIrish campaign. (The what now!?) In March 2016, Margaret Molloy, the New York-based global chief marketing officer for branding firm Siegel+Gale, began sharing photos of herself wearing various Irish fashion pieces on her social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This year she encouraged others to join in, to wear Irish and celebrate our heritage in fashion. Great for us that Lorna along with other Irish fashionistas abroad are trying to raise awareness for #WearingIrish.

So here are some of Lornas great images! We we’re so chuffed to work with you! See you next time your home, neighbour!


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