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Cobwebs Galway: The wondrous Phyllis McNamara and just why we’ve teamed up with her!

By tracy sweeney

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There are certain people who know jewellery, who love jewellery. It’s in their bones, it’s in their blood. These are the people that as a jewellery maker you only have to start a conversation and they just ‘get’ what you do. You realise you are on the same page. They live it & breathe it. They look at a piece you have made & know expertly how it will sit correctly on ones finger, or adorn the shape of ones neck into the future. It’s one thing, to make jewellery, but it’s another concept entirely to showcase your works & sell your creations to the clientele that may be looking for a piece but may not be able to find you. I can only liken it to an artist in a studio, painting relentlessly. You may be the best artist in the world but without a curator, you may as well hide all your paintings in the attic. It takes a certain person to take what an artist creates & showcase it to the world. And why not?So what we have found with her is the right mix of loves; her love for high design, her respect for tradition and craftsmanship. The right ethos to match our jewellery & marry it to the right client. We at Nigel O’Reilly Goldsmith look forward to working with Cobwebs Galway & Phyllis McNamara into the future.

See a beautiful article about Phyllis’ background HERE on the Irish Times website.


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