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Purple Rain & Cocktails on a rainy Thursday

By tracy sweeney

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Its lashing rain on the skylights as we take photos of our newest creation. Purple Rain (for the week thats in it)? Or very wet, slate-grey, west of Ireland rain?  Were not sure whats falling on the windows, tucked away in the warmth of the design studio, camera flashing incessantly.  The colour of this stone lightens & brightens any mood. We’re dreaming of cocktail glasses & clinking ice. Beaches & heat. Dreaming of summer on a rainy Thursday afternoon. This creation is pure escapism from the norm, a purple crystal ball to gaze into.

We call it the ‘Globe Ring’: 18ct rose gold & green tsavorite garnets wrapped around an amethyst sphere. Designed by us, handmade & hand-set right here in the west of Ireland, with fabulous & luxurious precision. I may need to switch my musical choice next week before I really bore everyone in the studio to tears!

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