Nigel O'Reilly Goldsmith


I make jewellery, because I love jewellery.  In every piece I capture the individuality of the wearer.  From an elaborate neckpiece to a simple wedding band I strive towards perfection.  My obsession is to change what people perceive as fine jewellery.  By pushing the boundaries of design, I create something new & beautiful from raw materials.

Your jewellery should be a statement of who you are and what you believe in.  As a diamond setter & goldsmith, my pieces serve to beautify and embellish, using lustrous gemstones and high-end design, making you feel good both as observer and wearer.

Nigel O’Reilly is a Mayo based goldsmith. Having initially trained with the Crafts Council of Ireland, Nigel continued his apprenticeship with prominent Irish goldsmith, Rudolf Heltzel in Kilkenny city.

When given the opportunity to embrace a new diamond setting technique, Nigel travelled to Europe & continued to train & work in notable jewellery houses in London, Stockholm & Antwerp.

Feeling a draw to return to the west of Ireland, Nigel established a studio in his home county of Mayo, where he and his team work on exquisite pieces of fine jewellery, for both Irish & international clientele.

“I make jewellery, because I love jewellery. In every piece I capture the individuality of the wearer.”